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10. New Gearbox and stuff
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The Comet engine's maximum revs are lower than the 650cc BSA so the bike could do with slightly longer legs. I made some enquiries with a company called Nova Racing who offer a 5 speed gear cluster with a choice of ratios but none higher than the 4 speed's 4th gear. The engine is not short of torque and I won't be thrashing around a track on it so I'll pass on the 5 speed for now.
9. Mods
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I've kinda worked out how to start the beast on the first kick without being thrown over the handlebars (most times), warm or cold but it's still a mighty effort for my 63 year-old legs with titanium hip joints on both. So, anything that will minimise the firing-up effort is worth considering.
8. On The Road
Comments (0) 8. On The Road
The crap winter and spring weather finally cleared and it warmed-up enough for this old nonce to venture out for an MoT and a few shake-down runs. A couple of niggly oil leaks were dealt with and I eventually sussed how to start the engine on the first kick (or two) without being launched over the handlebars - Tickle the carb until fuel drips from the overflow hole, full choke, quarter throttle and one hefty kick, standing on the left foot-rest with the bike on the prop stand.
7. Final Other Bits
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What I've been aiming for throughout this build is simplicity, functionality and elegance. This machine has been put together as a usable bike - not a show bike. I've tried to do everything properly without being too anal about fine detail and absolute perfection of finish. Been there, done that.
6. Wiring and Other Bits
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OK folks - on with the wiring then. There aren't really many components on this bike so it should all be quiten basic and straightforward. The plan is to have it the cable runs as hidden and discreet as possible without going to the extent of hiding it within the frame tubes.
5. Even More Other Bits
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We're back on the ramp to sort out a few of the teething troubles that arose on yesterday's test ride. First an oil leak from the area of the return banjo feeding the rockers.
4. More Other Bits
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I'm making a mounting bracket for the muffler - can't really call it a silencer - I can see a lot of daylight looking through it!! I clamped it in place on the downpipe and made a card template using the old dirty-fingers routine to mark the hole positions.
3. The Other Bits
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I've managed to select all the gears and turn the engine over with the kick-start so we're on the fitting all the other bits. You can see some of them, just plonked on, roughly in place. The tank, seat and oil tank are the ones that came with the frame. The tank has a small dent on the top which should come out with the expert help of our local friendly dent-repair-man.
2. Making the primary chain case
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Well, that's the engine and gearbox mounted. Primary chain is trial fitted OK, rear sprockets are in-line, looking good and all is Hunky Dory. Next up, it's the primary drive chain case. As I've said earlier, I'll be running the 'O' ring chain dry so there will be no need to make it sealed and leak-proof. I have a few ideas, starting with a piece of 10mm thick aluminium plate for the inner casing.
1. British Bike Build
Comments (0) 1. British Bike Build
The ten posts in this Blog are the story of my first bike-build for forty five years - the NORVIN pictured below. There are more pictures of the finished machine at the end of the final post. Thanks for reading. To read the other posts click on the 'home' link at the bottom of this post.