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Comments (0) What is what3words?

You can add a what3words address to your delivery details on your account page or at checkout for a smoother delivery experience.

Postcodes and street addresses often don’t lead couriers to the right place. If you live in an apartment block with multiple entrances or in the countryside, where postc...

Comments (0) 9. Chassis Prep, Oil Pan Mods, Seat Belts Mountings, Fitting Headlamps and Headlamp Covers with Nut-plates

The engine will be moth-balled until the chassis is ready but there's one more job to do first. The standard sump projects below the chassis by about 50mm making it a prime target for speed-bumps and rutted roads - and there are plenty of those around here. Aftermarket, 5" 'Shallow Oil Pans' are ava...

8. More Mechanical stuff
Comments (0) 8. More Mechanical stuff

This is the 1998 Ford 4.6L 4 Valve, all aluminium Mustang Cobra Engine and Transmission package exactly as it arrived to us in a crate. 302 hp (225 kW), 318 lb⋅ft (431 Nm) and mostly Metric threads. The Block, after all, was cast in Italy. That's good enough.

From Wikipedia: The 4-valve DOHC versio...