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Push Pull Hazard Switch 24mm Red

Mounts through a 10mm hole.

Part Number: HAZSW4

143,00 kr
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Illuminated 24mm diameter soft rubber knob so IVA OK  anywhere on your dash (with legend sticker or separate warning light).

Three 1/4" spade terminals on rear and one for earth on the mounting thread.

Front projection 33mm off position, 39mm on position. 30mm rear projection.

Mounts through a 10mm hole. Max. panel thickness 4mm. Very nice.

Pull the switch and all three contacts on the back are made.

NOTE: The red knob has a small conical spring inside that keeps pressure on the bulb connections.

Take care not to lose the spring when installing the switch and make sure that the pointed end 

of the spring is towards the bulb.