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Natural Billet Aluminium Hazard Switch

Off-On Latching.
Fits either 15mm or 23mm hole.
Red illuminated legend.
1/8" Spade terminals.
Part Number: PBHAZL

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Here we have one of our Billet Natural Aluminium Switches and Warning Lights, these superb CNC alloy switches are finished in to incredible quality with a removable 10mm wide alloy collar which allows for flush mounting and IVA compliance. The face of the switch has a CNC engraved legend with full LED illumination.  All switches have a single illumination as standard so can be wired to either illuminate with sidelights 'ON' or to illuminate with the switch itself in the 'ON' position.  However a 'Dim/Bright' kit (BSWDIM) is avaliable to provide a dim illumination when your sidelights are on and then a bright illumination when the switch is activated.

Natural Billet Aluminium Switch Hazard..

LED Illumination

  • Latching
  • 18" Male spade terminals
  • Double Pole Contact Block

With Alloy Collar..

  • Dash Projection 12mm
  • Rear Projection 40mm
  • Fitting hole size 15mm

Without Alloy Collar..

  • Dash Projection 1.5mm
  • Rear Projection 51mm
  • Fitting hole size 23mm

Overall Dimensions..

  • Collar Width 25mm
  • Body Width 15mm
  • Overall Length 52mm