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Dynamat Superlite Tri-Pack (457mm x 812mm)

Three sheets 1.2mm thick x 18" x 32" (457mm x 812mm).
Total coverage 12 square feet.
Part Number: DYN10612
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DYNAMAT SUPERLITE is a Blue, high-efficiency sound damping material used to

reduce noise and vibration in your car It is the material as Dynamat Xtreme but

30% thinner (1.2mm)and 30% lighter (700gms per sheet).

Use Dynamat SuperLite when you need to reduce the noise levels in your car without

adding too much weight.

The 1.2mm thick butyl rubber layer is bonded to a gleaming blue, 0.002" (0.05mm) thick aluminum alloy foil.

It does not require any special equipment, so it is very simple to cut and install.

It will conform easily to all interior surfaces, and the sticky butyl rubber will adhere

and stay in place without any special surface prep. Dynamat SuperLite can be used

for full coverage on your vehicle’s interior or just in problem areas of high sound resonation.

A car door typically requires about 5 square feet of SuperLite, but you can apply it anywhere,

including the boot, bonnet, and roof.

Installation: Dynamat SuperLite offers simple peel & stick installation.

• Measure and cut the Dynamat SuperLite sheets

• Remove the paper liner

• Place and press firmly to adhere

Dynamat Superlite Tri-Pak contents: Three sheets 1.2mm thick x 18" x 32" (457mm x 812mm).

Weight 700gms per sheet. Total coverage 12 square feet.

Dynamat Superlite Tri-Pack #DYN10612

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