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Dynamat Dyna Tape Jointing and Finishing Tape 30Ft

10 Rolls per pack
Part Number: DYN13100

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DYNATAPE finishes your soundproofing projects with a clean and tidy look.

You can use this 38mm wide aluminum tape to seal seams between sheets of Dynamat

or to fill gaps between your vehicle's body panels. Use DynaTape to secure wiring that's

routed through your car, giving your installation a professional look while reinforcing its

noise-damping properties. DynaTape features a pressure-sensitive acrylic peel-and-stick

adhesive that applies easily so you can finish your project tidily.

One roll, 0.002" thick, (.05mm)1.5″ wide x 30 ft long (38mm x 9.1mtrs)

Dynamat Dyna Tape #DYN13100

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