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Dynamat Dynaliner 1/2" (12.4mm) 81x137cm

Total Coverage:12 square feet (1.1 square metres)
Part Number: DYN11103
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DYNALINER is an ultra-lightweight closed cell high performance thermal and acoustic insulation

for roof, firewall, floor, quarter panels, doors and even as a bonnet liner.

Dark gray in color and available in 3mm, 6mm and 12mm thicknesses.

The high temperature, acrylic, peel-and-stick, self-adhesive backing is optimized for temperatures

from -30ºF to 200ºF (-34ºC to 94ºC) and meets both UL and FMVSS flame resistance requirements.

Dynaliner is the perfect ultra light weight insulator to use on top of Dynamat.

This durable crush and tear resistant material is unaffected by oil, does not absorb water

and has the highest heat blocking properties available in a single layer synthetic foam-type material.

  • Isolate Vibrations
  • Reduce Noise
  • Block Heat
  • Oil & Water Resistant
  • Ultra Light and Flexible

Dynaliner is available in three thicknesses, be sure to choose the thickness that best suits your application.

This 1/2" Dynaliner is ideal for firewalls and bulkheads.

Dynaliner Sheet Total Coverage:12 square feet (1.1 square metres)

  • 1/2" thickness
  • Dynaliner Sheet Total Coverage:12 ft² (1.1 m²)
  • Sheet size: 32" x 54" (.81mtrs x 1.37 mtrs)

Dynamat Dynaliner 1/2" (12.4mm) 32" x 54" (.81 mtrs x 1.37mtrs) #DYN11103

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