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Digital Tachometer / Temp Gauge / Clock Black Face Stainless Bezel 61mm

Can be mounted in dash mounted or with bracket supplied.
Part Number: DMT2

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Designed for bike installation but works just as well on cars. 61mm diameter stainless bezel, 55mm diameter x 57mm deep chrome housing.

Two M5 mounting studs @ 42mm centres.

Can be fitted in your dash (if you make a simple 'U' bracket) or with the single bolt, rubber mounted bracket (included).

Blue digital display. For 1,2,3,4,5,6,8, 10 or 12 cylinder engines. 

DIGITAL DISPLAY 0 - 18,000 RPM (1n 100rpm units)

DIGITAL THERMOMETER 'A' Range 0 - 120°C (32 - 248°F)

BAR DISPLAY THERMOMETER 'B' 10 segments 10 degrees each. Range 20 - 120°C (68 - 248°F)

CLOCK 24 hour

This instrument offers several options for collecting a RPM signal.

From simply wrapping a wire five times around a spark plug, to connecting directly to the coil +ve or -ve.


12 volt. Weight 190g.

Includes wiring, Speedometer sensor with 1.4mtr cable, magnets and sensor mounting brackets, gauge mounting hardware and full instructions.


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