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Compact Air Conditioning Kit


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Part Number: AIRCON5

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Cooling capacity 2.5 Kw.

This is the smallest Air Con Evaporator unit available and is ideal for smaller vehicles.

Dimensions 273mm wide x 114mm high x 235mm front to back.

Four air outlets 55mm O.D., 49mm I.D.

12 volts. Max 100 watt consumption.

Maximum airflow 230 m³ per hour.

Two 12mm condensate drain outlets on the bottom.

Two, 8mm through-holes for mounting.

Three speed fan with 4 x male terminals in connector plug.

The unit has an integral thermostat / sensor that is intended to protect the unit from overcooling

by disengaging the compressor clutch when the temperature reaches 3ºC.(the grey wire with two 5mm female spades).

The Kit includes a desiccant drier with aTrinary safety/radiator fan switch, a complete set of hose unions,

‘O’ rings and charging/service ports (not interchangable but others are available) and a three-speed fan switch.

(Hoses not included but we can supply. See installation guide.)

Installation of this kit requires an engine-driven compressor and a condensing radiator (possibly with cooling fan).

Hose lengths can be determined and purchased after installation of components.

A local Air Conditioning specialists will charge and test the system for you.

NOTE: For UK customers we can now offer a crimping service for your hoses. For just £50 we will collect your boxed-up hoses and unions,

crimp them and send them back to you. Full instructions on how to prepare the hoses and unions will be sent with the kit.