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Universal Air Conditioning & Heater Kit 400mm

Crimping service available
Part Number: AIRCON

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Yes, it will fit! This is the most compact, powerful and inexpensive combined Heat/AC package available - 400mm x 280mm x 120mm - the size of a large Cornflakes box.

17,000 BTU. Straightforward installation with our detailed instructions.

Requires an engine mounted compressor and a condensing radiator.

The Aircon temperature is controlled automatically and the heater is controlled by a cable operated valve.

Remember to turn off the heater if you're using the Air Conditioning function. This is not fully automatic climate control.

  • Universal kit includes:
  • 4 - outlet under-dash unit with double squirrel cage, three - speed fan.
  • Remote fan speed and temperature control panel with wiring harness.
  • 2 metres of 63mm duct hose.
  • Desiccant drier with Trinary safety/fan switch.
  • Complete set of hose unions, ‘O’ rings and charging/service ports. (Hoses not included but we can supply)
  • Heater water valve and control cable. Full Instructions and fitting kit.

NOTE: We can now offer a crimping service for your hoses.

NOTE: For UK customers we can now offer a crimping service for your hoses. For just £50 we will collect your boxed-up hoses and unions,

crimp them and send them back to you. Full instructions on how to prepare the hoses and unions will be sent with the kit.