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ABS Heater Matrix Case

Build your own heater system
Part Number: HMCASE

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We've designed and produced this vacuum-formed, two part case for our heater matrix.

The outlet side has two 38mm spigots and two 63mm spigots - all supplied capped so you can open any combination of them to suit your installation.

The inlet side has one 75mm hose spigot for connecting to our fan with 75mm ducting.

Simply cut the water inlet and outlet cut-aways on the side of your choice, wrap our #TRMR1 self-adhesive foam strip around the matrix sides and slide it all together.

It takes just minutes. You can bond the two halves together with a few blobs of Polurethane adhesive / sealant if you wish.

Case size (excluding water inlet and outlet and air inlet and outlet spigots) 205mm x 156mm x 80mm. Weight of matrix and case (dry) 795gms.

We've used a Powerfile to grind away the water pipe cut-aways and a hacksaw to cut the ends from the outlets.



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