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5.2Kw Car Heater Kit 278mm

Part Number: HEAT3
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INCLUDES OUTLET PLENUM AND 3 SPEED SWITCH. Requires hot water feed from your engine.

Here’s an even more powerful version of our popular heater. Simple plumbing - 15mm inlet and outlet.

High efficiency core matrix with aluminium fins. Three speed, double squirrel-cage fan with 300mm fly leads.

Supplied with wiring, connectors, in-line fuse and rotary control switch.

Multiple mounting options -horizontal, vertical or on it’s side. Easy to mount with simply-fabricated brackets.

Complete with a sealed, four-outlet plenum with 2 x 63mm and 2 x 38mm outlets which you can open up to suit your requirements for air distribution to cabin, dash and screen.

Two fan motors 12 volt 75 watt max. Air flow 350 m3/hr max. Weight 2.6Kg.

Overall Size 278 x 115 x 230mm

Instructions included and in our catalogue.