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All In One Compact Car Heater 260mm

4.3 KW all in one heater kit.
Max dimensions: 10"(260mm) wide. 5"(130mm) high. 12"(300mm) front to back.
Part Number: HEAT6

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Heater installations don't come much simpler than this, all-in-one package.

It requires just a hot water feed from your engine and a 12 volt supply.

Maximum dimensions 10" (260mm) wide x 5" (130mm) high x 12" (300mm)

from the front of the control knobs to the back of the valve, yet still has a

remarkable heat output of 4.3 KW.

Simple plumbing - 15mm inlet and outlet.

Maximum air-flow 230 m³/hr through two 72mm, rotating, rocking-vane vents

on the front panel.

Two rotary control knobs on the front panel adjust fan speed and heat level via

the integral flow valve. Simple, two wire electrical connection with a two way spade

connector on a short fly lead.

Fan motor maximum current 5.8 Amps.

With a little ingenuity you could add demist outlets to the plenum box if required.

Weight just 1.9Kg.