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Self Adhesive Neoprene Rubber 'D' Section 14mm x 13mm

Soft, skinned sponge. Strong adhesive with peel-off backing.

Sold from a roll by the metre. ie. if you order quantity 3 you will receive one 3m length 14mm x 13mm

Part Number: TRMDSA3

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This trim can sometimes be difficult to start the removal of the backing on the self adhesive.  
The downside of having such good adhesive.  The photos show the easiest way to start it. 

Bend it over, rubber to rubber so the red tape is a tight bend on the outside and carefully cut it with a
sharp knife or scalpel. This will hopefully make the ends pop up and you can carefully peel them back.

Ensure the you pull the tape carefully in line with the trim to prevent any damage to the adhesive. 


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