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Fuel Roll Over Valve 8mm

75mm x26mm overall size.
Reqiures a 19mm hole in tank.
Part Number: ROV8

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FUEL ROLL-OVER VALVE This clever, yet simple device prevents fuel escaping in the event of the vehicle rolling over.

The black, anodised aluminium, hexagonal part of this safety valve mounts inside your fuel tank and the blue,

threaded hosetail union fits through a hole in the tank and screws into in with a nylon sealing washer on either side.

The anodised aluminium hosetail can connect to a breather pipe back to your filler neck.

Available with either a 6mm hosetail (14mm hole in the tank required) or a 8mm hosetail (19mm hole in the tank required).

Hex part dimensions: 41mm long x 26mm hex.

Overall length including hosetail 75mm.

Weight 72 gms.


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