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    Automatic Lights ON and OFF Controller

    Automatically switch on your lights at dusk or in tunnels
    Part Number: AUTOLTS

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    This little device has a remote photosensor and a 10 Amp solid state, 12 volt relay

    which will automatically switch on your sidelights or marker lights when ambient light inside

    the vehicle drops to a preset level (adjustable with a small screwdriver through the side of the case).

    NOTE: The ‘Lights On’ function will be delayed for five seconds after ignition is turned on to ensure

    full battery supply is available for cranking.

    Sensor cable 1.5mtrs long cable.


    EARTH - Bolt through the metal relay base to a clean -12 volt, earth point on your vehicle

    or connect earth to the base with a ring terminal.

    RED - +12 Volt Ignition feed in.

    BLUE -  out to switch on dipped beam via it’s relay. 5 Amp max.

    YELLOW - +12v out to side lights. 5 Amp max.

    GREEN - connect to the live feed on your sidelight switch. 10 Amp max.

    NOTE: Do not mount the sensor in direct daylight. Mount inside the vehicle. Experiment with the position before final fitting.



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