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55mm LED Fog Light

55mm overall diameter. 76mm front to back including heat sink.
38mm to mounting ring. Holes at 70mm PCD. SOLD SINGLY
Part Number: LED55RF

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Use these 55mm diameter lamps either with the 95mm outer ring lamps

(shown in a picture below) or as stand-alone lamps.

In one picture below three are ‘frenched-in’ on the rear panel of a Raw Fulcrum.

They can also be surface mounted or rear-mounted through a 55mm hole.

They're very bright, ‘E’ marked. and only 38mm front to back.

Rear Fog, Reverse and Daytime Running Light versions have an integral heat-sink

and are 76mm front to back.

The backplate has three 5mm mounting holes on a 70mm PCD.

Sealed for life.

12 volt /24 volt.   4 Watt

White wire - Earth

LED 55mm FOG LIGHT each #LED55RF

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