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12V Smart Battery Charger Monitor Optimiser


Croc clip lead and Ring terminal lead.

Part Number: SMART

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We've updated our popular Smart Battery Charger with a much improved, CE European Approved version. The perfect battery maintenance product for vehicles that may be left unused for long periods.

Can be left switched on and connected to your battery all winter long with minimal running costs.

12 Volt output that is automatically controlled to keep the battery in its optimum condition. 3 Coloured LEDs indicate charge state.

Plugs directly into a 240 volt mains 3 pin socket. 12 foot cable with heavy duty insulated croc clips. For owners with inaccessible batteries, we also include an additional lead with insulated ring terminals, waterproof in-line fuse and water proof connector that you can permanently install in your car, leaving the connector in a convenient place.


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