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Distribution and 6 Way Fuse Box

Overall size: 115mm x 95mm x 57mm high.
Part Number: FB6DST

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There are three independant supply connections on this useful box -

A Negative (earth) distribution with one M5 threaded stud input post and 6 x M4 threaded output screws.

The Positive side is split into two seperate busbars, each with an M5 threaded stud input

and 6 x fused outputs so you can have a permanent live side and an ignition-switched side. (fuses not included).

You can use either ring or fork terminals on all the input and output connections.

The clear plastic cover is secured or removed with half a turn of the red knob.

Overall size: 115mm x 95mm x 57mm high.

Four, 5mm dia. fixing holes at 98mm x 75mm centres


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