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Universal Air Conditioning Unit With Heater


Part Number: AIRCON2H

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Combined Heating and Cooling in a compact yet powerful underdash package.

Size 360mm wide x 290mm x 150mm. Straightforward installation with our detailed instructions.

Cooling capacity 3.16 Kw (10,800 BTU).

Maximum air movement 200cfm.

Universal kit includes:

Under-dash unit with double squirrel cage, three - speed fan,

pre-fitted expansion valve and four 63mm outlet vents on the front facia.

Remote fan speed and temperature controls with individual legend panels (45mm x 30mm)

to mount in your dash through 11mm holes.

Desiccant drier with Trinary safety/radiator fan switch.

Complete set of hose unions, ‘O’ rings and charging/service ports.

(Hoses not included but we can supply)

Mounting brackets, drain hose and fused power feed cable.

NOTE: Installation requires engine - driven compressor and condensing radiator (possibly with cooling fan). Hose lengths can be determined and purchased after installation of components. See your local yellow pages for car Air Conditioning specialists who will charge and test the system for you.

NOTE: For UK customers we can now offer a crimping service for your hoses. For just £50 we will collect your boxed-up hoses and unions,

crimp them and send them back to you. Full instructions on how to prepare the hoses and unions will be sent with the kit.