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Remote Brake Servo

2:1 Ratio.
Part Number: REMSERV

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Add servo assistance to your car - even if you have twin master cylinders with a balance bar (2 units will be required).

This unit can be mounted anywhere and plumbed between the cylinder outlet and the brakes.

Supplied with two mounting bracket options, a metre of servo hose and even a length of pre-formed steel brake pipe and unions.

3/8" UNF inlet & outlet and 10mm hose tail.

Main unit diameter.  190mm

Main unit thickness. 110mm
Cylinder Length.  130mm
2 x 20mm M8 mounting studs on 80mm Centres
Overall length including studs.  160mm
Addition to diameter at vacuum hose 40mm.
The unit can be mounted at any angle but please bear in mind that there is no bleed facility
on the cylinder so it makes sense to keep the outlet higher than the inlet.