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REAR FOG LIGHT CONTROLLER for new IVA rules. For Momentary Switch


This version is for use with a Momentary Switch
Part Number: RFLATCHM
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In June 2013 the rules for switching on and off your Rear Fog Lights changed.

Now, the Rear Fog lamps must only be lit when the Dipped Beam, Main Beam or

Front Fog lamps are lit. The Rear Fog Lamps may continue to operate until the

other lights are switched off. The rear fog lamps must then remain off, even if

the other lights are switched on again, until they are deliberately switched on again.

This is to prevent people driving off to work in the morning with the rear fog lights

glaring after forgetting to switch them off the foggy evening before.

Just follow the instructions and connect the four wires of this simple little module

into your lighting circuit and you'll comply. Job done.

Supply voltage:  +9v to +14 v dc.

Circuit idle current:  3 to 5 ma.

Maximum switched load:  2 Amps  (1 x 21 watt bulb)

Case size:  40mm x 30mm x 20mm.


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