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Ethanol Proof Fuel Hose 10mm (3/8") Per Metre

10mm I.D, 15mm O.D.

Part Number: FUHO10ET

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Cohline hi-spec. rubber fuel hose. Cohline Type 2240 rubber fuel hose features FPM/ECO spec rubber making it 100% fuel proof, with Aramid braiding within the wall of the hose. Then ECO outer layer which is abrasion resistant.

Can withstand petrol, E15 rated flexible fuels, Ethanol, Diesel and Biodiesel fuels. Has a working temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

DIN 73379.

Price Per Metre

NOTE: Hose I.D. measures slightly smaller than nominal size.

FUEL HOSE 10mm (3/8") 15mm O.D. #FUHO10ET