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Aluminium M12 x 1.5mm to 1/8" NPT 3 Way 'T' Adapter

M12 x 1.5 male with Dowty Washer, M12 x 1.5mm Female and 1/8" NPT female in side
Part Number: ADAPT24

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Machined aluminium 'T' adapter, perfect for converting

a single block tapping into two tappings for, for instance, oil pressure

and oil temperature senders. Overall length 60mm.

Hexagon 22mm across flats.

M12 x 1.5mm with one Dowty washer on male end, M12 x 1.5mm female in opposite end and 1/8" NPT on side.

ALUMINIUM ‘T’ ADAPTER  M12 x 1.5 and 1/8" NPT#ADAPT24

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