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Aluminium Expansion Tank Round

800ml capacity.
Overall size 215mm high. 90mm Dia.
Part Number: AEXPAN2

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ROUND ALUMINIUM EXPANSION TANK.  Low Pressure side, overflow tank.

Tig welded construction with 70mm diameter, screw-on, knurled cap.

Tank diameter 90mm. Overall height, including unions 215mm.

Welded-on bracket width 130mm for bulkhead mounting.

Two, 7mm mounting holes at 116mm centres.

Two 7/16" unf threaded,10mm hosetail unions with 'O' rings,

screw into welded threded bosses in the bottom of the tank.

One has a welded 130mm long, internal aluminium tube (see pics).

Capacity 800ml.

Supplied with 2 x 10mm barb fittings.

Weight 520 gm.