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Fuel Tank Sender 6 Hole Flange

Arm and float sender.
Part Number: FUSEND2

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Adjustable float sender that fits through a 43mm hole in your fuel tank.

Sender flange diameter 75mm. Six 5.4mm fixing holes at 60mm PCD. Supplied with gasket.

The 2mm diameter wire float arm comes in two halves which can be bent, cut and joined with the ring-crimps supplied.

We recommend that, once you have set the float arm length, you solder the two wire halves together. Float arm travel 75 degrees. Float arm length adjustable between 150mm and 600mm. Minimum fuel tank depth 200mm. 1/4" spade terminal connections.

Resistance at

  • Empty 245Ω
  • Full 13 Ω

Please check suitability with your instrument before purchasing. If the sender resistance does not match your gauge you may not get accurate readings. Although with the addition of our #GMATCH you can combine any two.


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