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Butyl Sealer Strip 7 Metre

Supplied in a 7 metre roll.
Part Number: BUTYL

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Think - very sticky Plasticene. As supplied to Ford, BMW and Mercedes. This is a synthetic, non curing, rubber based bonding and sealing strip.

Developed for sealing lap joints, bolt-on panels and for sealing rear light clusters.

Commonly used to bond polythene sheet to the inside of production car doors. Can be stretched out to 1 or 2 mm diameter.

Kit Car uses are endless. From sealing Seven type rear wings to the body, bonding and sealing body to chassis, fixing badges and emblems, plugging holes,  and light clusters and seating fuel tanks in their cradles. 8mm diameter bead. Supplied in a 7 metre roll which will probably last you forever.  Not fuel resistant.


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