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Waxoyl Refillable Pressure Can 2.5 Litre Black

2.5 Ltrs.

Part Number: WAXBK25P

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Waxoyl has long been established as one of the best treatments to prolong the life

of your vehicles by protecting against rust and damp. Waxoyl is a thick, waxy fluid,

saturated with a powerful rust killer that will kill old rust and prevent new rust.

It is easy to apply and is ideal for the insides of doors and box sections,

behind sills, inside chassis members and anywhere that water is likely to collect,

forming a flexible weatherproof skin that will stay active indefinitely.

If you're planning to use the 'sprayer' method

to treat your vehicle, here's the place to start.

These 2.5 litre cans of Waxoyl have a threaded top designed to accept

the 'High Pressure Sprayer' attachment #WAXGUN.

If you run out you can buy the other waxoyl cans to refill the pressure can.


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