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Ratchet Version Proper 'F Crimp' Crimping Tool Kit


Part Number: CRPTL3

535,00 kr
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We are able to sell this superb  tool at half the price of other suppliers and even throw in 180 assorted spade and bullet terminals and plastic storage case.

It will crimp all industrial quality ‘F’ crimp open barrel spade and receptacle terminals between 0.5mm² and 6mm². The jaws are hardened steel and the geared, ratchet action makes light work of evev the heaviest crimp.

Crimping pressure is adjustable and the jaws will only open when the pre-set crimp pressure is achieved, giving consistant crimp quality. However, for one-off or unusual sizes, the full crimp and release function can be disengaged for full manual control of the crimp pressure. The tool also includes a set of very clever, moulded jigs that locate along-side the jaws to help you make the perfectly alignment crimp.

Terminal selection includes:

  • 30 x 3mm (1/8") Male spades & 30 x 3mm (1/8") Female spades
  • 30 x 6mm (1/4") Male spades and 30 x 6mm (1/4") Female spades
  • 30 x 4mm Male bullet and 30 x 4mm Female bullet


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