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Outdoor Car Covers

Three layer polyester outdoor car cover new heavier material with softer inner layer. Lower prices - even better value.
Non abrasive, waterproof and breathable. Elastic hems. Elec¬tro-welded seams. This excellent value cover will keep the car dry and protect your paintwork. Supplied with storage bag.


MEASURING YOUR CAR. Although the length of your car will give a good indication of the required cover size, a much more accurate method is to measure the total distance around your car, it’s circumference, at it’s widest and longest points. The following measurements are the maximum, stretched, total hem length for each cover. Dimensions for indoor and outdoor are the same.
per page
EXTRA LARGE 5.4m (17ft 6in) 14.2m (46ft 2in) Circumference.
LARGE 4.9m (15ft 10in) 13m (42ft 3in) Circumference.
MEDIUM 4.4m (14ft 2in) 11.8m (38ft 4in) Circumference.

4.1m (13ft 4in)

11.5m (37ft 8in) Circumfrence.