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Multi-stalk Indicators, Lights, Wiper Assembly

Part Number: INDSW10

315,00 kr
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This assembly offers left/right cancelling indicators, main/dip beam switching, and 2 speed wiper.

200mm harnesses with one 6-way one 8-way and a single female spade.

Clamps onto a 40mm diameter column (Clamping sleeve 44mm deep).

21mm diameter through hole for upper column shaft.

Body diameter 86mm. 

Overall length front to back 113mm.

Total width across arms 360mm.

Two short arms (Indicator and Wiper) are 165mm from Centre 
The long arm (Dip/Main) is 205mm from centre. 
The Slip ring for auto cancelling indicators is 70mm with a locator @ 30mm from centre.