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In-Line Temp Sender Housing/Air Bleed/Drain 32mm

Use for temp senders, fan switches. take-offs.
Part Number: INT32

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Multi-purpose joiner. Just cut your top hose and insert the housing. Beautifully cnc’d aluminium. 1/8" NPT thread.

68mm in length

  • Electronic water temp gauge sender using the standard 1/8" NPT thread. Your sender may also require an earth screw. We can re-tap the thread to match your sender for £5.
  • Air bleed or coolant drain in top or bottom hose using an 1/8" NPT Blanking Plug or short bolt.
  • Air bleed back to your header tank using a 1/8" NPT threaded hose-tail.
  • We can re-tap the thread to accept the brass union supplied with our adjustable fan stat kit as shown in the illustration below.
  • We can re-tap the thread to accept our fan switch.

Other threads machined on request £5 extra