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Digital Speedo Signal Adapter

For cable inner size 2.2-3mm square.
Has a M12 x 1mm male thread.
Part Number: DSSA

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This adapter will convert the rotary motion of a speedo cable into 6 digital

pulses per revolution for an electronic speedometer.

It will accept a speedo inner cable between 2.2mm and 3mm square and it

has an M12 x 1mm male thread.

It is not necessary for the thread on the old speedo cable to exctly match the hread

on the adapter provided the square inner cable engages with the square drive hole

in the adapter - it can be held together with self-amalgamating tape - there is

very little rotational force when the drive is working.

Calculate and program your instrument in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

300mm lomng flylead. Weight 30gms.

(NOTE: Last picture shows #DSSA connected perfectly to the speedo drive cable on a Classic BSA Motorcycle)

WIRING:     BLACK or GREEN = Negative earth.

RED  = +5v Live    Voltage Dropper Supplied

WHITE or BROWN = Signal Pulse out.

6 Pulses per revolution


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