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Digital Fan Controller Thermostat

Fan Stat With a Digital Readout Maximum 4 Amps load. Use a relay for higher loads
Part Number: DIGISTAT

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Suitable for cooling fans or water pumps up to 4 Amps maximum current rating.

An adjustable temperature thermostat with a digital readout.

The control module measures 70 x 50 x 20mm and has three push-buttons for setting the required  ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ temperature.

It has a digital readout of the current temperature and a Red LED which  lights when the switched output is on.

It has a 3 metre lead with a TemperatureProbe at the end.

The Probe can be secured in the airflow of your radiator or taped to the outside of a coolant hose.


Temperature range -55ºC to +125º C.

Display range 0.1ºC to 99.9ºC

Working voltage 10 to 30 Volts

Weight 100 gms.


WHITE  - + 12V  Switched live output to Fan or Pump.

Maximum current on switched circuit is 4 Amps.

NOTE: For bigger loads use this output to switch another relay.

RED - +12 Volt in from Ignition live (or permanent live if you require fan to run on after ignition is turned off.).

BLACK - Earth


1. Press ‘M’ button to begin ‘ON’ temperature setting. Use ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ buttons to set the temperature.

2. Press ‘M’ button again to begin ‘OFF’ temperature setting. Use ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ buttons to set the temperature.

3. Press ‘M’ button again to save the settings to the memory.