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Aluminium Expansion - Overflow Tank Rectangular 1.4Ltr

1.4ltrs capacity.
Overall size 170mm wide. 75mm front to back. 182mm high.
Part Number: AEXPAN

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Tig welded construction with 40mm diameter, screw-on, knurled cap.

This is not a tank to be pressurised in your cooling system it is for the water overflow. 

Size: Width including brackets 170 mm, front to back 75mm, Height 182mm.

Capacity 1.4ltrs.

Welded-on brackets for bulkhead mounting with 7mm holes at 143mm centres.

1/4" (7mm) overflow outlet on neck.

1/4" (7mm) inlet in side at bottom.

Supplied in natural aluminium finish but you can polish to a mirror finish.

Weight 542 gm.


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