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2" Electronic Tachometer/Rev Counter

Fits in to a 53mm hole.
Switchable to 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines.
Part Number: TACHO2

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  Simple wiring and switching on rear for 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines.

Takes a single wire feed from your coil. 

8000 rpm maximum reading with adjustable red line. 

Now includes a dash-top Pod Mount.

Fix to your dash with screws aor a doubl-sided adhesive pad.

Instrument slides neatly into pod with an 'O' ring seal.

Height approx 90mm.


   THIN RED  -  Illumination +12V

  THIN BLACK  -   Illumination earth

  GREEN - -ve on coil or tacho pulse output.

  RED - + 12v

  BLACK - Earth

  • Can be mounted through a 53mm hole
  • Bezel diameter 57mm
  • Overall rear projection 64mm
  • Dashboard bezel projection 7mm
  • 8000RPM Redline
  • Illuminating dial face
  • Adjustable maximum RPM indicator and switchable between 4/6/8 cylinder engines


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