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17 July

With a tiny packing room we found social distancing impossible at our warehouse. Over the last three months we have rebuilt the packing area to give the entire team a safe place to work.  During that time, without staff, we have had our busiest three months on record.  We have done our best with failing supply chains and unreliable deliveries and would like to thank every one of you that has used our services and stuck with us whilst our service was a little below par.
For anyone who as struggled to get through on the phone, sorry, we had just two staff members doing what would normally be covered by 8 and couldn't keep up. That is now changing very soon.

We have completed all necessary works for our team to return to work safely and we are staggering the return to give everyone a chance to adjust to the changes.  We should be back to a fully operating team by the end of next week and are doing more every day as we have the time and resources available.  

We have had many enquiries as to when the shop will re-open.  We aim to open on Monday. Although there will be a few changes.  We will only be accepting card payments, contact-less if possible, and only one person will be allowed in the shop at one time.  Please do not ask our staff handle anything that you have bought with you. It is imperative that we all reduce the risk of transmitting the virus and keep us all safe and serving you.  For that reason we will not be offering any workshop services from the counter or letting you 'try it on your car'. 

Our collect in store option will be reactivated on the website Monday and we would prefer that you use that if you do want to pick something up. Safer for you and for us.  We will email you as soon as it is ready to collect and your order will be placed in a safe box outside the shop. 

Supply chains are now improving again and the products that we were struggling with are on their way. Including some new items for good measure so keep your eye on the site for returning and new goodies.

Thank you again for your patience and for reading this.  I hope you are safe and well and continue to be so. Lets get back to (the new) normal soon. 


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