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How to trim plastic lamp mounts at an angle

Not all rear panels have vertical surfaces to mount your rear lamps. Our moulded lamp housings offer an easy way to mount your lamps vertically on a sloping rear panel. Here's how to trim them.

1. First make a cardboard template. Draw around the lamp with a magic marker.

4. Mark the cutting line on the moulding - we've used a Tippex pen here.

2. Cut the hole with a sharp knife. Depending on the angle of the sloping rear panel you may have to extend the cut hole a little to an 'Elipse' shape. Trial and error is the best way here - just trim a little at a time......5.Trim carefully to the line with snips or strong scissors. Trim in stages, testing the angle against your panel every time. You can always trim a little more off - but you can't put it back on. For final finishing you can level the cut edge by rubbing it on a sheet of 60 grit abrasive paper glued to a piece of flat ply or MDF.

3. ... until the housing sits nicely in the hole at the required angle.

6.Glue a strip of rubber 'U' channel around the edge and you're ready to mount it to your panel..
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