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Fuel Shut-Off Valve

Ideal for extra security
Part Number: FUVAS

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12 volt, solenoid operated valve. If there is a live feed to the solenoid (ignition on) then the valve is open allowing fuel to flow.

When the power is switched off the valve closes shutting off the fuel.

Can be operated from the ignition feed or from a separate feed with a hidden switch as an additional security device.

Brass valve with 8mm OD inlet and outlet. 3.5mm bore. Flow rate 2.1 to 7.6 litres / minute. Operating current 0.44 Amps.

Operating pressure up to 3 bar.

Mounting bracket, screws and hose clips included. Size: Overall height without bracket 77mm.

Overall width including connector plug 91mm. May qualify as a form of immobilisation as required by IVA


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