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Digital Speedometer / Fuel Gauge Black Face Stainless Bezel 61mm

Can be dash mounted or with the supplied bracket.
Part Number: DMS2

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Designed for bike installation but works just as well on cars. 61mm diameter stainless bezel, 55mm diameter x 57mm deep chrome housing.

Two M5 mounting studs @ 42mm centres.

Can be fitted in your dash (if you make a simple 'U' bracket) or with the single bolt, rubber mounted bracket (included).

Blue digital display. Programmable speedometer. Magnets can be mounted on brake disc bolts or drive shaft bolts.

DIGITAL SPEEDO DISPLAY 0 - 223 mph (0 - 360 km/h)

ODOMETER 0 - 99999 miles (or kilometres)

TRIP METER 0 - 999.9 miles (or kilometres)

FUEL GAUGE 10 segment bar display. Sender resistance 100Ω

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