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ABS Slide Latch Panel Thickness 1.8-2.11mm

Ideal for glove glovebox, storage or access panels.
Part Number: SLABS3

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This neat little Plastic Slide Latch is a one piece moulding with a clean, flush appearance that mounts through a rectangular hole in a lid or removable panel.

It is held in place on the underside of the panel by a separate, push-on 'U'-shaped retainer. Three different retainers are available depending on the panel thickness.

The rectangular hole in the panel is cut to allow the latch to slide to and fro to release or engage the pawl.

A hidden, stainless steel spring is nested at the back end of the one-piece latch body, and contacts the back edge of the panel hole.

This ensures that the latch is always held in the closed position.

When the panel is pushed closed, the sloped pawl edge meets the lower panel which pushes the latch back.

As the panel closes fully, the pawl clears the lower panel and the spring pushed the latch forward to the closed position.

Sliding the latch back with a finger opens the panel. The panel hole is always hidden.

Recommended pawl latching overlap 1/4" (6mm).

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