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350mm Stainless Pole Fuel Tank Sender

Resistance 0-180 ohm range.
350mm from underside of flange to end of pole.
Flange dia 69mm with five mounting holes.
Part Number: FUSEND350

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Stainless steel construction. No internal parts to go wrong.

A metal-impregnated, lightweight float rises up and down the sender tube as the fluid level changes.

A simple (white) adjustable clip allows you to set the bottom float position.

800mm heavy two core flex lead. 

Flange diameter 69mm.

Five, 5.4mm holes on  54mm PCD.

Fits through a 33mm hole.

350mm measured from the underside of the flange to the end of the tube.

20mm projection above mounting surface.

3mm thick fuel-proof rubber gasket. 

5 Screws supplied 10-24 UNC

Resistance 0 - 180 ohm range.

NOTE: If your instrument does not match the resistance of this sender you may get inaccurate readings.


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