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2 Piece Rectangular Vent 145mm x 52mm

Ideal for de-mist and/or dash.
Part Number: VENT17

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150mm x 52mm. Has a rocking insert with six rocking directional flaps.

A knurled thumb-wheel rotates the vent bank allowing full range of air flow.

The upper, vent part can be used alone and will snap into a 122 x 49mm hole.

It has two 3mm countersunk mounting holes @ 130mm centres.

When fitted to the lower, plenum it will fit a hole 127mm x 54mm. Rear projection 45mm.

Plenum outlet sized for 55mm ID ducting.

Our 63mm will fit OK if secured with a tie. Ideal for de-mist and-or dash.

Weight 53gms.


NOTE: This vent replaces #VENT10

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